There is no reason for Fursuit to be expensive.

Unstandardized production method and slow production speed. Fursuit, which is not easy for mass production, is sold at a high price because it is handmade. These high prices are becoming an important factor in lowering the new inflow of Fursuit. Zero Kemo manufactures Fursuits that are inexpensive and maintain high quality through many years of research and are easy to produce quickly. Now make your Fursuiter dream come true without the price barrier.

So that anyone can enjoy Fursuit

The biggest barrier to entry is the high price, so many people abandon Fursuit. We hope that anyone can easily experience Fursuit while lowering such high prices.

What is Zero Kemo?

Zero Kemo is a Fursuit production platform based in Korea. We do not accept individual orders and sell Fursuits designed by professional Fursuit designers.

Is the quality the same?

It guarantees durability and quality by sharing the production method and base of Blue Fox Fursuit.

Why is it cheap?

By using Internet payment, we simplify consultation and payment methods to lower service costs and reduce the use of expensive materials and difficult-to-manufacture designs to produce reasonable Fursuits.

Can I order overseas?

ZeroKemo fursuit is available in various countries